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Safety note (110227A0): Windtech Zenith and Zenith Evolution

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Safety note (110227A0): Windtech Zenith and Zenith Evolution

Postby jurijf » Mon Mar 05, 2012 13:35

Sledeče sem prejel od Italjanov:

Safety note (110227A0): Windtech Zenith and Zenith Evolution
This safety note refers to paragliders Windtech Zenith and Windtech Zenith Evolution.
A fake FFVL test report for Windtech Zenith size S has been dispatched via email.
FFVL confirmed that they never issued such report.
From EXIF data extracted from the report it seems to be a document acquired with a scanner
“EPSON Perfection 1240U” and then processed with the software “Adobe Photoshop CS4
Macintosh”. The document appears to be created on 19 jan 2012, the same day that a pilot reports
to have received it via email.
The email appears to be created with an email client “Apple Mail (2.1084)” and has as sender
“Windtech - INFO <>”. The subject of the email is “Re: Invio in corso posta
elettronica: IMG_0125, domande sull' omologazione” and it seems to be a reply to an inquiry
performed by the same pilot about the certification status of his glider.
Windtech affirmed that this should be a mistake.
Whoever received similar emails is invited to contact us.
We also verified that some Wintech Zenit gliders of non certified sizes have a sticker with the
following wording:“Windtech hereby confirms that the glider detailed above is identical in every
respect to the example successfully tested by the European standard (EN) norm 926-1, 926-2”.
Such stickers, even if they don't provide precise references to the test report, state that the glider is
certified. These gliders have not been certified by an homologation institute.
Windtech Zenith is certified only in sizes M (90-110kg) and M/L (95-115kg). All other sizes are
not certified: XS(60-80kg), S(70-95kg), S/M (85-105kg), L(105-130kg).
We inform the owners of such gliders that, despite of what stated on the sticker and despite of
fake test reports distributed via email but not published on official websites of test labs, all
sizes of Windtech Zenith gliders other than M and M/L have not been certified by an
homologation institute.
Windtech recently commercialized a new glider named Windtech Zenith Evolution. Such glider
compared to the Zenith has a number of modifications including the addition of rigid battens in the
No size of such glider has been tested and certified by a lab outside the manufacturing
Also in this case we verified that there are Windtech Zenith Evolution gliders with a sticker that
includes the same phrase reported above.
Windtech replied to our request for clarifications by stating that Zenith Evolution is just a version of
Zenith with new colors, this statement is untrue as Windtech admitted later on.
Wintech then announced that they believe that Zenith Evolution inherits the Zenith certification and
therefore it doesn't need a new certification process.
FIVL doesn't share this opinion and considers all Wintech Zenith Evolution gliders as not
In date 24 february Windtech annouced to us the decision to modify the name of Zenith Evolution
that from now on will just be names Zenith. The Windtech website has already been updated an
every mention of Zenith Evolution disappeared, including a press release that highlighted the
differences among the two gliders by stating, among the rest, that “Thanks to the SBS (spiral batten
system) the Zenith «Evolution» improves several aspects of the previous version. The SBS system
makes the wing lighter and improves the take off and the maximum speed characteristics.”.
We believe that this name change can contribute in generating further confusion among pilots
by making more difficult to distinguish between two gliders that differ also in respect of the
In date 27 february Windtech announced to us that they are discussing the certification of all the
sizes, that in the meantime they will commercialize only certified gliders and that they are available
to deliver a solution to the current owners of uncertified gliders, such pilots are therefore invited to
contact Windtech.
In order to have a clearer understanding of the current situation of the circulating gliders, we invite
all the owners of such gliders to send a picture of the sticker to the email address
We remind that the certification reports are published on the website of the test lab that relesed
them, in case of any doubt about the certification status of a glider we invite the pilots to contact
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