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Pitch nastavitve na tekmovanjih

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Pitch nastavitve na tekmovanjih

Postby MRX » Sun Feb 25, 2007 20:51

Oprostite prevec direktnemu prevodu, Babelfish program se vedno misle da je Drachen po anglesko kite :)

For many years the DHV uses itself for the fact that also during international kite flight matches "technical Doping" is prevented. If for example a participant, in the hope for achievement advantage, which turns pitch attitude of its wing down, it acts itself thereby a lethal risk in. Numerous estimates and high speed tucks with international matches speak an eloquent language. The wrong faith: because I fly above average well need I less pitch, have repeated to accidents led. The "good feeling" of the pilot does not state anything over the actual airworthiness of the wing. That his feeling deceived it, the pilot notices only if it is too late, if for example turbulences relieve the wing and then too to little pitch the estimate work against. Very good technical designers succeed in building wings with very good achievement with very high terminal velocity which offer acceptable handling even with VG pulled far still another, during safe pitch attitude. Less good technical designers does not succeed this. Their wing have with VG pulled far a bad handling, during safe pitch attitude. If the pitch attitude is turned down, the handling becomes better and the terminal velocity higher, in addition, the risk rises. Since the pilots do not notice the impalpable danger, many bend to exchange in addition their security against the competition advantage. This attitude was again-reflected in earlier years in the tuning behavior of the FAI/CIVL. In the spring 2006 the CIVL/FAI nevertheless used a working group under the direction of Dennis PAGE to concern around the problem and it let at the EM 2006 in Croatia on freiwilliger basis the attitude of the cross-setting notices with some kites measure. The measurements were accomplished by Christof Kratzner (DHV examiners for hanging gliders) and the cost were borne by the DHV. The individual results of measurement remained anonymous, as of the CIVL decided. As feared the majority of the devices was a far under permissionable attitude, does not speak it was not airworthy. During the match it came out for the estimate of a French participant from the high-speed flight. The pilot could save himself with the parachute. This equipment was not measured by angle balance, but with some attitudes a view from some meters distance is already enough... One would like mine that this would have impressed the FAI/CIVL working group accordingly. But Dennis PAGE had appointed in the meantime Gerolf Heinrichs into the working group, one the vehementesten opponent of equipment controls, who regards the minimum requirements of the test organizations DHV, BHPA, HGMA as exaggerated high and the necessity negated of flight dynamic travels. To which this way of thinking can lead, briefly to it that showed tragic event with the Forbes Flatlands 2007 in kite flies. Austrian team pilot Andreas Orgler had an accident deadly. The two asked eye-witnesses, who observed the accident from air, gave the following description of accident: Out of the straight flight with 70-75 km/h the Litespeed S 3,5 went into a Aussenlooping (slow estimate forward) and stabilized in the inverted flight. The pilot was separated thereby from the equipment. The harness did not get over the deployment shock of the evacuation equipment released thereafter in the free fall. The emergency parachute separated therefore from the pilot, who had now no more chance of survival. The equipment flew on after the half Aussenlooping some minutes long stably on the back. An evaluation of the accident photos by the DHV results in the following picture: Break of the harness main suspension directly over the Slider. A possible cause: Vorschaedigung. (whether the Vorschaedigung resulted from an adjustment of the Sliders by means of a rope is inexplicably.) Break of the second safety device of the harness main suspension. A possible cause: Vorschaedigung. Break of the belt group within the shoulder range to which the highway circuit line is fastened. A cause: Overload by deployment shock. The cross-setting attitude of the equipment is apparently very deeply described of other pilots than. The described flight behavior (negative interception with stabilization in the inverted flight) is to be explained only with negative pitch UP. This accident points to tragic way that an examination of the match devices is urgently necessary concerning their airworthiness during the match. With absorbed expectations DHV managing director Klaus Taenzler and Christof Kratzner drove for FAI/CIVL meeting to 2.2.07-4.2.07 into Talloires. Because still there were large of resistances against the DHV request for examination in the FAI/CIVL working group. After tough negotiations in the Sub Committee slope Gliding came off finally a compromise, which nevertheless leads in the correct direction. This was unanimously confirmed tags on it in FAI/CIVL the plenum. Here the wording of the resolution: 1. From May 2007 it mandatory controls of the adjusting heights of cross-setting notices to give on and recordings over it, of a punishment is refrained. The data from these measurements become in the interest of the CIVL, which publishes manufacturers, and the pilots. 2. From May 2008 the CIVL will introduce on mandatory controls of the adjusting heights of cross-setting notices with punishment. 3. In the meantime the CIVL will consult the manufacturers, in order to specify measuring methods and suitable measuring tolerances. 4. The CIVL official one the Vormeisterschaft in seizing castle and the world championship in Texas will accomplish the measurements. 5. The CIVL will ensure that there is an informative presentation and discussion with the mandatory Sicherheitsbriefing before each match. Also with the German open 2007 will control the DHV the pitch attitude of the kites. A measuring tolerance is used, because with measuring in the free one no laboratory conditions prevail. In addition, so can prevented that devices with pitch attitudes, which are clearly under the minimum demanded by the American, English and German federation participate in the match.
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