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Poglej nove vpise na foumu za zadnji dan ali zadnjih 7 dni.

Pal Takats

Dogajanja na akro sceni. Opisi in vprašanja za posamezne manevre, tekmovanja, rezultati, reportaže....

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Pal Takats

Postby solja » Tue Mar 13, 2012 20:18

Zalostna novica iz acro sveta,zadnje case najboljsi acro pilot,se je 9 marca hudo poškodoval.
Po zadnjih novicah ga drzijo v umetni komi,naj pa bi ga te dni prebudili iz nje ,tako da upajmo na najboljše!!
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Re: Pal Takats

Postby igorer » Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:01

"Updates about Pal Takats:
Pal's accident happened 9th March in the early afternoon in Zermatt. He was alone, the circumstances are not clear yet. Fortunately he could call the emergency on his mobile. He has an open fault on his left shin, broke 8 ribs, has his liver and his bile slightly injured. His leg was operated in a hospital in Visp. Next day his status got worse and was not able to communicate anymore. Doctors say that at the moment some micro parts in his brain doesn't get enough blood. However it sounds quite bad but: 1) The problem in the head is not directly from the hit of the accident, it appeared later. 2) He has a young and strong brain which SHOULD be able to deal with this problem.
He had a second heli-ride to another hospital in Switzerland. He is at the intensive care and he is beeing held in an artificial sleep-state. He is still stable. Today in the afternoon they will try to wake him up... I'm hoping for the best...
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Re: Pal Takats

Postby Luka Slak » Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:12

Wed, 2012/03/14 - 08:51
"Updates about Pal:
Pal slept very calm during the night in the "Inselspital" in Bern. Seems that the medicine that he got yesterday had a positive effect on his brain. Today in the morning - after taking away the sedatives - he opened his eyes for a short while. He was not able neither to focus properly nor to communicate yet. But according to the signs he hears us.
The doctors say that they want to keep him rather sleeping at the intensive care for the next few days to allow an undisturbed recovery for his brain. — at Inselspital."
Info by Gabor Kezi

Thu, 2012/03/15 - 08:48
Updates about Pal:
Today was a day of complications. Pal got a small infection in the lungs which needs to be treated with further antibiotics. He has fever, around 38 degrees. To avoid further irritations from the mouth-tube they changed his breathing apparatus by cutting a small hole on his throat. They even let him breathe alone for a while and it went very well, even better than with the machine. They still put him back on the breathing machine to save his energy for healing his brain. He still gets strong painkillers but already a reduced amount of sleeping drugs. The doctors are giving him 3 further medicines to stop his abnormal brain reactions before letting him wake up. Beside these events there is no further change in Pal's state: stable and sleeping.
There are really lovely and helpful people at the intensive care. I had a chance to watch them working around Pal today and I have to say that he is in good hands.
Info by Gabor Kezi

Fri, 2012/03/16 - 08:39
Updates about Pal Takats:
„Maybe – day”
Tomorrow Pal might be transported to Sankt Gallen, Switzerland. I think the reason is that the Inselspital in Bern is getting overloaded. Personally I’m not too happy about this but I know that the new hospital meets the high quality requirements what Pal needs.
He had a fever of 40 degrees almost all day long. It might have been :
- maybe because of the lungs infection,
- maybe because of an infection at the broken leg,
- maybe because of the combination of strong medicines that he gets.
Fortunately it was not necessary to give him an extra medicine against the fever: till the evening his temperature fell back to his average 38 degrees.
The doctors still don’t know why he doesn’t wake up. They tell always new theories about what’s going on in his head:
- maybe the bone/ or fat particles from the broken leg got into the veins after the accident, went up to the heart, then through a small hole (that 30% of the humans have in their hearts), through the arteries to the brain which causes the abnormal brain activity
- maybe the brain have moved (even without getting a stronger hit on the head)
- maybe the problem is in his central nervous system
- maybe the brain liquid brought some material into his brain which disturbs the normal functioning of the brain.
There are a lot of „maybes”. I am normally very positive but the last briefing with his doctor was quite shocking: They’re still not sure what’s going on in his head or if he will be able to recover completely. If yes, it might take 4-6 months.
In the evening he opened his eyes again shortly, slightly moved his head and his limbs on BOTH SIDES. “Maybe” this is a good sign because since the brain problems he hasn’t moved anything on the left side.
Tomorrow at 8:00 last examination in Inselspital, if he is ready for transport he will take another heli ride…
PS.: I want to thank all of you for your support. I have to apologize if I don’t answer all the messages you send. I am moved to see how many people worry about Pal and want to help him and the family with providing a place to sleep, with offering money or just with a few nice words. You are good people! Let us stay with him in our thoughts, he needs us!
Info by Gabor Kezi

Fri, 2012/03/16 - 15:03
Updates about Pal Takats:
Pal landed well in the Sankt Gallen. He is still stable, sleeping.
I decided to stop giving detailed status updates about Pal for a while. We have to respect the privacy of Pal and his family in this difficult situation. As long as there are no big changes in his state I will not write daily status updates. I promise I will let you know if anything important happens or if Pal or his family need your help.
I want to thank you again for everything, stay with Pali in your thoughts!
I hope that I’ll be able to come back and write you good news very soon!!
Info by Gabor Kezi
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Re: Pal Takats

Postby Luka Slak » Fri Mar 30, 2012 17:09

Dobre novice.

new Fri, 2012/03/30 - 15:25alexpauferro's picture

Very good news, Pal is really back again.. :-) Take a look at faceebook..

Hey guys! I am now back in life!!! :-)
MANY thanks for all good wishes, vibes,and the positive energies you sent!!! It means so much to me !
As well, endless thanks to my wonderful family and girlfriend, my boss, my friends...
What happened is that I basically fucked it up, big time, back on the 9th of March :-)
Had a big crash with multiple collisions with a steep cliff:
open fracture on my left leg, 8 ribs, 3 vertebras broken...Seroiusly shaked my brain together and fall in coma after the fist day (for almost 20 days). Thanks god I stayed concious and could call the rescue heliopter, Gabor and my father to tell what happened before they picked me up. Otherwise I pobably could nor write these lines now.
I've seen the nightmare of the nightmares in coma...Got 40 degrees fever and been connected to all sort of machines in many ways. It was terrible! Woke up few days ago and since then progressing really quick, Made my first steps already, can go to the toilet on my own, enjoy sunshine, smell of spring and sound of birds. Ready to leave the hospital soon and start rehabilitation in one of the best clinics of the Alps. Really looking forward to start there.
What they drives is no death wish, but the avarice for life.For a full, intensive, uncompromising life.
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Re: Pal Takats

Postby MistyDule » Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:19

V soboto je bil na SLO1
danes je pa ponovitev,

TV Slovenija 2
Adrenalin in turbulenca
madžarska dokumentarna oddaja, ponovitev
Trajanje oddaje: 55min.
ponedeljek, julij 16. 2012 (12:05 - 13:00)

Napovednik: Za najboljša akrobatska padalca na svetu, Pála Takátsa in Gáborja Kézija, je akrobatsko jadralno padalstvo ples v tretji dimenziji. To je oddaja o subkulturi ekstremnega športa. Oba športnika sta se v akrobatsko jadralno padalstvo zaljubila doma, na Madžarskem, a sta se kmalu odpravila po svetu iskat nove priložnosti.
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