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2nd Super Paragliding Testival 2010

2nd Super Paragliding Testival 2010

This top international paragliding event is hosted in Kössen-Austria, this year from May 13.-16. 2010. “Fly Koessen” director Sepp Himberger and his team - in close cooperation with PMA (Paragliding Manufacturer Association) and proudly sponsored by the Town of Kössen, the Regional Tourism of the “Kaiserwinkl”, the Tyrolean Government and Chamber of Commerce – is signing responsible for the “Super Paragliding Testival” eventually to become one of the biggest and most important air sports event in the world. Kössen is well renowned as a pioneer town for hang gliding as well as for paragliding and has proved several times to the international hang gliding and paragliding scene that it is the perfect location for top air sports events, such as World and European Championships. Its’ central location in Europe with perfect travel connections via Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck and close to the European Autobahn and Railway net the “Tyrolean Kaiserwinkl” has long since been a beloved international paragliding destination. The near to perfect flying infrastructure and the passion of it’s people for air sports makes Kössen the “City of Paragliding” in the Alps.

The concept of an “Event of the Paragliding Industry” has proved sensational in May 2009, with all 24 market leaders on site, about 2,000 pilots visiting and testing gliders and equipment and doing a remarkable 5,600 flights in four days without any accidents. Based and on a low cost budget for the manufacturers and on a lean organisation, the economic result of the event was perfect – manufacturers had full order books and the entire tourist region was booked out - tourist value certainly paid for all the organisational expenses. SPT 2010 will be organized on a similar bases - all manufacturers restricted to a designated stand size of 7 x 7 meters right on the Kössen landing site, which equalizes all participators and saves them additional costs. There will be no air shows so as to allow pilots all the airspace and maximum time for testing gliders. A “Paragliding Fashion Show” will demonstrate the different trends in clothing; a vibrant SPT Party sponsored by AXA Insurance with the Cuban grooves of "A Buena Vista" will scorch the social get together and special food and drinks will be offered till late at the famous “Fliegerbar”. The Paragliding Industry and the pilots’ scene will benefit the same way. Instead of having several individual, time and money consuming test camps spread all over the world, all major manufacturers offer their products at the beginning of the European flying season central in Europe in Kössen with its ideal infrastructure. For pilots keen to test several brands and to compare on site these offers in the same way, creates cheaper and timesaving possibilities to do so. It specially applies also to pilots from regions without a wide variety of paragliding distribution. However – both sides save time and travel costs and comply with our today’s efforts regarding climate change.

Sepp Himberger, SPT organizer: “It’s great to have launched a new and prosperous paragliding event again. Come and celebrate with us at the “Super Paragliding Testival” this May in Kössen, Austria.” More information: www.fly-koessen.at/spt or Email sepp@fly-koessen.at



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