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Naviter s svojim produktom - Oudie

Would you be surprised if we told you that the most frequently asked question to the Naviter team in 2009 was: "Which PNA should I buy?" It was particularly frequently asked because there was no simple answer for it. There are numerous very nice devices out there but each one comes with a compromise somewhere. Since we take it as a mission to solve glider pilot's problems we started looking for the answer and now we are ready to share it.

Oudie We will call it "Oudie". It is a Personal Navigation Device which runs SeeYou Mobile natively. What makes it different than any other device on the market is the ability to perform all of the most important tasks for glider pilots right out of the box. It features:
. Large 5" screen (same brightness as all other PNA devices)
. Landscape and Portrait screen orientations
. Integrated GPS for stand-alone operation
. Serial communication cable (doubles up as charger)
. Bluetooth serial communication
. Preinstalled SeeYou Mobile
. Preinstalled worldwide Vector maps

When will it become available?
We are aiming for the end of the first quarter of 2010, the beginning of the gliding season in the northern hemisphere. But we wanted to let you know in advance so you can start planning your cockpit before the season starts.

Will it be possible to see it before it is officially released?
Yes! First time at the SSA Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas at the end of January! This is a list of events we will be visiting in the next months where we will also be happy to show you how it works:
. SSA Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, January 28-30
. OLC-Alps Symposium, Zell am See, Austria, February 6th
. BGA Conference, UK, March 20th
. Aero, Friedrichshafen, Germany, April 8-11

May I ask a few questions?
Yes, please. We are eager to hear your feedback through email and our forum. There is a dedicated thread in the Support forum for Oudie.

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